Almost Got Into A Fist Fight With A Woman!!

Almost got into a fist fight with a woman!!

Hey  okay, so I didn’t really almost get into a fist fight BUT, we did get into a pretty heated debate. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one to argue over trivial subjects, I do however enjoy a nice intellectual debate every now and then especially when it involves people proclaiming to know the answer to all of humanities problems, which involves subjecting of oneself to their way of thinking. So here’s what happened….

One of my facebook friends made a post which I don’t exactly remember it verbatim but it was along the lines of, ‘If anyone wants to solve the problems of the world, they should stop eating meat. This will solve famine, ecology, cruelty, etc.”. Now, keep in mind that I have VERY close friends who are strictly Vegan and will ONLY eat raw veggies and fruit, I did not take offense to anything besides the fact that I interpreted that statement to mean that ‘us’ meat eaters are the cause to the worlds problems. So…

I responded by saying that I had to disagree because the only thing that can solve the worlds problems is an awakening of humanity. That if we all wake up to the fact that the world we live in today is nothing more than an illusion and that if we realized this, we can all change the world TOGETHER and not by merely changing our diet, because after all, what we eat is a matter of personal choice.

Her replay was simply this; “That is just your opinion Gerardo! Humans are not designed to eat meat. Do your research.” To which I replied….

Clearly you’re missing the point I’m trying to make, you say we can solve the worlds problems by stopping the consumption of meat, but how is that going to solve famine, drought, and lack of vegetation in third world countries? What about the use of polluting materials? Consumption of petroleum which causes pollution? What about pesticides, herbicides, and fluorides. These are all problems, but how is my not eating meat going to contribute to humanity? And while we are on the subject of humans not designed to eat meat, as far as humanity can be recorded, we have been hunters. We have always hunted and ate meat. Why do you think we have molars and teeth, more specifically, canine teeth? Are they designed to chew bananas?  Have our ancestors been wrong in eating meat in our evolution of humanity and is that the cause of the world’s problems?

The answer to solving the world’s problems doesn’t lie in anyone’s diet. Rather it lies in a spiritual awakening. If we all realized that we are all one in the same, each human although different, are all the same. We all have the same wants, needs, and desires. If we all come together in an agreement that we will help each other out, and express universal love for every human being, then we can begin to heal the planet.

Our Facebook debate came to a halt when she was going on and on about why we shouldn’t eat meat and how our bodies weren’t designed to consume and digest it. Totally missing the point, she was stuck in her way of thinking that she was missing a bigger message amidst the conversation.

Needless to say, when ever we come to the conclusion that we have the absolute answer to the world’s problems, we are putting ourselves in a dangerous situation. How?

We become closed minded. We can no longer see options and avenues, opinions, or collaboration. It becomes a dictatorial mindset and way of thinking- which is never a good thing. I am of the belief that we all should have a belief in something higher than ourselves. We should all have something to believe in and stand for, even die for. This shouldn’t however, mean that we should judge, degrade, or frown upon other’s beliefs when they don’t align with what we believe. Let’s be accepting and understanding. Let’s be open-minded and loving to all humans for what they are, our brothers and sisters.

Peace profound,
Gerardo Flores

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