The Day My Youngest Son Went Missing

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The Day My Youngest Son Went Missing

I don’t know why I was reminded of that day today. It is a beautiful sunny day here in St. George, UT and I was enjoying a nice ride on my motorcycle on my way home. Maybe it was the fact that I saw a young family sitting outside their yard enjoying the sun. But awkwardly enough that reminded me of the time my youngest son went missing.

As a single parent I depend on the support of my family.-more specifically my mother. My youngest son goes to school which is located literally across the street from my mother’s home. Our routine is pretty usual, both my kids meet at my mothers after school, then they either walk home together or they wait for me to pick them up after work. This day was different..

I was just about to end my shift at work when my older son called me to tell me that Christian wasn’t at grandmas. I told him to sweep the school while I got out of work. A few minutes later, my mother calls me to tell the same thing. I dash out of work. First thing I do is run over to the school library as Christian had said he wanted to buy some books from the book fair, but they were getting ready to close.

I ask everyone in sight if they know my son, some say no, others say yes and that he was there looking at books for a while and left. Some said he was at the playground, but at the playground they had said he left a long time ago. This is now about one and a half hours after school.

Panic sets it.

I’m asking teachers, secretaries, students, anyone I come into contact with and they all tell me he headed home after school and he was by himself. I knock the doors of his friend’s house, and no one has seen him since after school.

I drive home to see if maybe he decided to walk home by himself. I ask my neighbors if they’d seen him. All to no avail!

I remember sitting in my car, helpless, and thinking all the worst case scenarios a parent can play in their mind. My chest tightens, and I feel like screaming but since my older son was with me I felt I needed to hold my composure. This is now four hours since anyone has seen him. My family is scared. My girlfriend is trying to do anything she can to help. As the sun starts to set, I decide to call it in and make a report with the police station.

Minutes later the police arrive. They ask all the routine questions… Where was he last seen?  What was he wearing? What does he look like? Who last saw him? They start checking my mother’s house while other officers search my home. A few minutes later the block is full of police.

This had to have been the most helpless and vulnerable I’ve EVER felt in my entire life. Not knowing where he was, who he was with, or if he was okay. Neighbors are watching and wondering what is going on. Police were patrolling the streets on the look out for him. And I’m pacing back and forth sending him mental messages to come home.

About half hour later I over hear one of the officers’ scanner stating that they may have found him and I can’t begin to tell you how much relief I felt. After they’d asked him his name and his information they scooped him into the police car and drove him home.

The feeling can be likened to being suffocated by an anaconda (If anyone can imagine what that would be like) and finally being released! I felt so many emotions. I was angry, upset, happy, and everything else. A block full of cops, family waiting for him, and he casually talks about the book he checked out of the library while we are all asking him where he’d been.

Turns out he decided to go to his friends house for a while and figured he’d come back before it was too dark. (Totally out of character for him) Needless to say, we had a long family conversation about the situation. We had a long chat, made rules, and things have been better since.

Anyway, I  wanted to share this personal story with you to encourage you (if you have kids) to really take the time to chat as a family and set rules and guidelines that work for you guys as a family. Also to make sure you re-enforce those rules and guidelines on a routine basis. This will help with everyone being on the same page and will make communication clear.

Do YOU have a similar story? I would love to hear it!

Peace profound,
Gerardo Flores

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