Where Will YOU Be?

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Where Will YOU Be?

There is a great man whom I have studied for years and still do, his name is (or was, since he passed away a few short years ago) Jim Rohn. In one of his audio CD’s he makes a statement which made such an impact on me that it has been since a motto I often use when I speak to people who are making a transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur, or who are going through a rough patch in life. And it has a POWERFUL impact that can help YOU in making decisions and choices, or get over a situation.

This statement alone has the power to help you make critical pivotal movements into either the right or wrong direction that will dictate where you will be in life. Want to know what that is?

Simply this, “Five years from now you will be THERE, the question is WHERE?”


How powerful is this little sentence? I mean, the fact remains that unless you die, in five years you WILL be somewhere. Question is, where are you going to be? Will you still be in that job you hate? Will you be financially well off? Will you be in your dream home? Will you be enjoying the things you want?

Or are you just coasting by and waiting to see what happens? If I may be so bold as to state that the majority of the population is in this mind-set. They have NO idea about where they will be. The fact remains that what you do, or fail to do will either land you exactly where you want to be-or you will land in a ‘default’ destination which isn’t always what you want.

Think back five years ago. Were you in a place you wanted to be-and if not, why not? Five years ago, did you make a conscious decision to be at a certain position in life that would be what YOU desired and wanted?

Here is the thing; time is something we all humans share equally. We all have only 24 hrs a day, seven days per week, and 365 days a year. The only difference is HOW we use it. What are YOU doing today that will land you where you want to be five years from now. If you don’t decide where you want to be, a destination will be decided FOR you by default.

I want to extend a challenge to you, I want you to take a quick moment to think about where you were five years ago, think about what you have done to be where you are at today, then think about where you would WANT to be five years from now and what you will do differently to be exactly there.

You will notice that once you make a serious and conscious decision about where you want to be, you will start to notice new opportunities. You will start to meet people who will help you get to that place. And it is at this point that you need to trust yourself to take that leap of faith into the path that was laid out for you from the start. You were destined for greatness, and what you must do is embrace it and accept it, once you do, everything will fall into place. I believe in you, do YOU?

Peace profound,
Gerardo Flores

gerardo flores

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