Life Is About Living, NOT About Working

So the other day I was on Skype and one of my connections had this quote written on his wall; Life is about living, NOT about working. And it seriously got me thinking about how the majority of the population are basically living to work! Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that we live in a society where the tool we use to exchange services is monetary- meaning that, if you need food, clothing, shelter etc. you need to exchange something of equal value, in our case in this society it is money.

In the old days, people bartered and exchanged goods and services with each other. Somewhere along the evolution of civilization humans decided they couldn’t really exchange chickens for let’s say a new outfit, if the person with the outfit already had all the chickens he would need. So, a monetary system came along.

Now we exchange our time for money. We slave away at a job we can’t stand only to collect a paycheck which is spent before we even cash it simply because we have bills waiting to be paid. Let’s not mention the prices of essentials going up which keeps us even more broke than before. And before we know it, our lives passed us by, we retire and collect a pathetic little check from our government which we in the states call Social Security.

Life is about LIVING not WORKING!

As we continue to evolve, so does the way we do things. Before we bartered. Then we exchanged time for money. Today, we write our own paychecks using the internet. Want to know how it’s done? Then click¬†HERE.

So now YOU have a choice, would you like to REALLY LIVE and experience life in YOUR terms, or will you continue slaving away working endless hours to barely scrape by for the rest of your days?

The choice is clear, you either evolve and keep up with the times, or you stay in the old paradigm and waste your life without ever experiencing all those things you only dream about.

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See you there!
Gerardo Flores

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